Lessons learnt !!

Few months ago I came across a person on my way to my office..I was on my phone texting my wife….this fellow  looked at me and smiled..without a single word..The next few days things repeated in the same way and went on for almost a week.. I was wondering who is this fellow and why he is smiling at me  …so I decided to meet him up in the weekend..but unfortunayely I could’nt find him for many days after that.

After a month suddenly my wife asked about that man and this was followed by discussion which went on for hours…while discussing we went to different tropics from our college days, friends..to some future plannings and bileive me ..that day I rediscovered my wife and the life which was missing in our relationship; so much so that I wanted to fall in love with her   again….

Next morinig I realised that the strange man had played his role ..after so many years we had dinner together…shared some lovely time..It is true that at times strangers can heal wounds to this extent..silently..but their silence is often very loud….

Love is what is sinking day by day…let’s save it for the sake of humanity!!


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