I was introduced to this world way back in 1970s..

I grew up and learned as much as I could in the existing social structure;

I was soon made to realize the fact that society has already decided the role which I am suppose to play even before I could think of it….I was in search of my individual being which was never recognized;

Often I was identified as someone’s daughter (in the name of my father),someone’s sister and later as someone’s wife… In every stage of my life I kept on losing my identity and nobody cared…

When I decided to make my own Identity I was introduced into the rigorous child production unit..(if I may put it like this)

Without any options left with me ..I shelved all my dreams for someone who was about to come…this was the only dream that I could afford to..

I prepared myself and went through the toughest and painful process which  cannot be expressed in words….I gave birth to a child (deliberately not identifying the gender of the child) I played the role of a creator..and yet I was recognized as someone’s mother!!!

Please understand and be sensitive to my pain , agony, and appreciate the sacrifice which went on unrecognized …respect my individual being..

P.S.- Dedicated to the  girl child who is the mother of a women !!( What they need is their due respect)


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