That night..I was returning from my office. After waiting long for a cab I finally boarded a bus.(was left with no option!)

It was around 10:30 pm …the bus was not very crowded but all the window seats were occupied…there I saw a mechanic sitting with his tool kit ..I chose to sit beside him thinking that he might get down  soon (by looking at the way he was sitting as if he was about to atleast)..

It was too warm and humid  so I requested him to slide the window plate completely…but he did’nt replied back …so I requested him again…. this time he straightway refused to act upon the request

I asked him.. what is the matter?…He replied back saying that “there is also a person sitting behind us…I need to think for him also ” this reply from him left me stunned…as if I received a blow ….then I looked back where the guy was sitting. He was a college student…an educated being !!! Nevertheless he was not kind enough towards the person who was sitting behind him…

I realized something…

P.S. To imbibe this compassion for others within us is perhaps the first step towards the dream of a world where people will be for others, will stand for others, will respect and feel others…

Just an attempt to support the cause …I would like to dedicate it to AdiC..!!

Thank You


2 thoughts on “LET’S GET INTO WORK !!!”

  1. Hi! The last line was a blow in the dark! A good one at that! 😀

    Is this incident based in Calcutta? Please say yes! Then I can incorporate it under Ahh. Calcutta! Or else I’ll just reblog it 🙂

    Coming to the post, I think that’s a kind and beautiful soul you met right there! Though, the gesture wasn’t one which could change the world, but it changed at least two people. You and me. And hopefully many more who’d go on to read this soon!

    Thank you so much once again! You made my day ❤

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  2. Yes it is based in calcutta in incedent is also true.!!!
    I already told you that when I first came to your blog I got the strength to fight ..I got a purpose to write…
    I loved each in every blog post of yours
    But when I was going through some of your archives yesterday…I was stopped on one of your post called “India’s Daughter” I was really touched by it…i have even read the comments …and I tried to give answers to very questions that you raised..

    Coming to this post ..I am happy that to loved it and I could reach to your soul..purpose served…
    Thank you


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