1. My heart has no more strength left to endure pain, yet every time I don’t know from where I get the power to listen to my        heart

I wonder why I want to repose trust every time on someone who is not trustworthy….not even understand the definition of the word trust….

2. The distance of sun from the earth is around 49.59787 million kilometers …and the distance to the Moon  from earth is approximately 384403 km….this is perhaps the reason full lunar eclipse is possible …it lead to a perfet ecplise …

But the mystery lies in the distance ….why the differences between sun and earth and moon and earth is such that their size become apparenlty same and the apparenlt full lunar eclipse takes place..!!! not yet solved…

3. There is always two sides of everything good and bad….happiness and despair…love and hatred…positive and negative …creator and destroyer… freedom and restriction…equality and inequality ……the list can go on and on…..the basic idea is perhaps the act of balance

If it is true….does the same logic goes with the fact of having two sexes ..male and female??? Can we attribute something this…can we demarcate good or bad among them !!!!

Will supply more !!

thank you


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