Today I met one of my very old friend ..(he is a banker) after say  11 years when  we met accidentally in a coffee shop..we were confused with the fact that from where should we start… both of us were not able to utter a single word for few seconds …as time passed we settled down,,,,

During our conversation I asked about his work…he said that being an investment banker he was leading a scheduled life then.he asked the same question to me…I promptly shared some of my experiences as a doctor during my days in rural areas where I was posted initially ..Out of few experiences that I talked about… was very very close to my  which I would like to share…

It was aound 10 pm..I was about to leave the clinic …suddenly a woman came to me saying that she was suffering from extreme pain and high fever since last 7 days….Looking at her condition I gave her a painkiller and an injection to reduce the fever for the time being ….and asked her to come next day for few tests…

She came on the next day , I handed a small list for tests which I found required..and we met after couple of days along with the report…The report was not good …she was was suffering from AIDS and was pregnant …I was sad..still I manage to ask her about it…On this she replied that she got it from one Mr.. Varun ..who was also my patient.

I asked her that why did you indulge with him to this extent …..Is it only for money..or something else????

Initially she was quite but then she replied by asking a counter question to me which was a BIG QUESTION indeed to think..the quetion was” KYA AAP BHIKARI KO BHEEK NAI DETE BABUJI” 

I had no reply….to this!!!

Thank you !!


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