Today I met one of my very old friend ..(he is a lawyer) after say  11 years when  we met accidentally in a coffee shop..we were confused with the fact that from where should we start… both of us were not able to utter a single word for few seconds …as time passed we settled down,,,,

During our conversation I asked about his work…he said that being an investment banker he was leading a scheduled life then.he asked the same question to me…I promptly shared some of my experiences as a doctor during my days in rural areas where I was posted initially ..Out of few experiences that I talked about… was very very close to my  which I would like to share…

It was aound 10 pm..I was about to leave the clinic …suddenly a woman came to me saying that she was suffering from extreme pain and high fever since last 7 days….Looking at her condition I gave her a painkiller and an injection to reduce the fever for the time being ….and asked her to come next day for few tests…

She came on the next day , I handed a small list for tests which I found required..and we met after couple of days along with the report…The report was not good …she was was suffering from AIDS and was pregnant …I was sad..still I manage to ask her about it…On this she replied that she got it from one Mr.. Varun ..who was also my patient.

I asked her that why did you indulge with him to this extent …..Is it only for money..or something else????

Initially she was quite but then she replied by asking a counter question to me which was a BIG QUESTION indeed to think..the quetion was” KYA AAP BHIKARI KO BHEEK NAI DETE BABUJI” 

I had no reply….to this!!!

Thank you !!



  1. That debate could go both ways! Interesting…
    P.S. Completely off the topic, but it would help if you proof read your posts. Don’t hit publish immediately after finishing the written part.

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