How many times does a woman must prove before we consider her a human being …..I wonder ; how many years does women must live before they are allowed to be free!!! (On the lines of Bob  Dylan)

This  are the two very basic questions that came to my mind when the Union Pulic Service commission declared the successful candidates lit who made it to the civil services…..Civil services is considered to be very prestigious avenue when it comes to service sector and also one of the toughest exam…

images (1)

Out of the top five , top four are women in the 2014 list ……this gives me so much pleasure especially in the present social structure…that I decided to write a blop post on them..

Ira Singhal, Renu Raj, Nidhi Gupta and Vandana Rao…these are the four names that today are not only names but beacon of hope for many girls who are aspirig not only to become civil servant but to become free, independent but also to create their own identity in this society which has rarely accepted the independence of girls and education for them….and also considered them as burden….

As I always believe in the multiple dimensions of a women’s capacity…..this fact has been very much visible in every field today…

The only fear I have is that …how much it will be accepted and appreciated…when things become very clear…at times creates problems in parochial societies like one we live in unfortunately…But I do hope the potential be recognized, and accepted….by the masses ..sooner we do it the early we can progress!!

Once again many congratulations to all of them who have created their own identity through extreme hard work !!

Thank you!


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