Please stop being gender bias…it is suicidal!!

6 thoughts on “Please stop being gender bias…it is suicidal!!”

  1. In a male chauvinistic Indian setting where most women themselves are patriarchal, I’m happy to meet another feminist. Gender equality can only be achieved with the help of men. What we need is more men like you!

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    1. thank you , thank you so much..
      but to be honest i do not consider me as a femininst because it needs a lot of knowledge, sacrifice, courage and so on..

      in fact the term gender equalty is something which in a way shows that somewhere men are above and women needs to match with them.. isnt it??

      they are equally important in their rspective roles.. but strongly against biases, gender poicing, and want another feminist movement for sure !!

      gender empowerment would be a better word than genger equality i presume !!


      1. Yes you do need to have knowledge about the feminist movement before you consider yourself one. But, of little I know about it, feminism is not women trying to be like men or trying to be equal to men. I do agree that biologically men and women are indeed not equal; sex is biological but gender is a social construction. Feminism is a fight for equal social, political and economic power. heterosexual males, heterosexual females, transgender males, transgender females, transgender queers, homosexual males, homosexual females should not be discriminated for what they are. It fights for equal opportunities for all.

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      2. oh.. i’m so so sorry !!
        i really didnt knew 🙂
        now am all the more happy that despite being belong to different sex, we share same ideas on specific issues i presume !!

        i am sorry once again !


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