Be risk friendly!!

How will I know who is my soulmate?
How will I dance to the hidden music of the world?
How will I balance between between my relationships and my desire to transform myself?

Well I think the answer lies within us. There is nothing as such called magic.
Magic is a bridge that allows us to walk from the visible to the invisible world. But in reality, it is only by discovering your own way of crossing the distance between the two worlds…
Everyone has their own way. One might find their love in the middle of the street on the way to market or somewhere you go everyday to ….don’t be very sure that you are choosing the right person in your life always because there may be some different aspect which might be discovered by the other person… By taking risks, by risking failure, disappointment, disillusion, but never ceasing in your search for long as you keep looking, you will triumph in the end.
Generally people avoid expressing themselves and end up losing their love. I have seen people losing their life, they only breathe now a days…

But the fear from being a failure, or being rejected plays their role from within… end up losing everything. Don’t be victim to it. Express yourself without fear and appreciate the same when you are approached . Often people being very ambitious and fall in the trap of everlasting success…and forget those who genuinely care for them …finally losing them in haste..
Now you might not realize the harm that loneliness could do to people.. People literally lose the glow of being alive because they could no longer fight against loneliness and end up becoming addicted to it. I have seen that there are people whom solitude had made them into the judges of the world…
Love can only heal…it is our task to identify the true love, the soulmate who respect us, who cares about our happiness, who feel the pain when we suffer, who are ready to protect till their last breath…who always gives priority to us…. and so on….

One harsh fact is that ..with time and circumstances priority changes, but moving out of a relationship not only provides the independence to people but also surely affects the sense of sacrifices….one might not accept this fact and perhaps it is debatable but its better to not to be judgmental …
There is a big difference between fear and danger, losing a soulmate is the fear but the aftermath could be dangerous…
Often people need space and time to evaluate the condition persisting around..which is very much acceptable but there is no certainty whether eventually the correct conclusion could be met .
Every moment in love is an act of faith..
Spread love to the fullest…
Good luck.


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