The need of the hour!!

Intercaste and inter religious marriages should be promoted and incentives should be provided…such marriages could play the base and background for a coherent and harmonious condition in this not so coherent society..

Whenever I come across such judgments, it reminds me of he days of Akbar when this used to be a tool of God governance… Loads of examples are there to mention.

Our constitution states we the people… It defines the unity, integrity, the oneness among the masses…. But unfortunately I seldom found this oneness among the people..

Economic condition and availability of opportunity, gender, caste, and religion are the basic areas which demarcates people and creates distance and animosity…

People suffer from preconceived notion about people, say for example… My relatives used to impose their ideas about religion. I was estopped from having muslim friends,  was been told that baniyas are generally considered to be the business class who only I understand the language of profit & loss, even the Punjabi’s ate loud by nature, Bengali’s sucks and lives in the past glorious days, and the southees are known for their shroodness.. and so on…..
When it comes to castes, gender the discrimination is not only restricted to intercommunity but also intercommunity …

Why are people are so full of anger?
Its because people have enough time to spend…. Had they been busy with work…situation would have been completely different..

History showed us various revival movements on society and it’s values.. Time has come that we should start this revival process by applying rational principles..

Spread love to reduce these distances…perhaps the only way which could lead to harmony without any initial investments…pls love and respect others and do not let these issues to be politicised further…
Love you all from the bottom of my heart!!


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