Being Lucky

If you think you are unhappy ….look at them


If you think your salary is low, then what about her….


Don’t have many friends?? But you are still better than him at least…..!!


Sad because you couldn’t go to your favorite school….. Well they didn’t have choices..!


Your parents’ care tire you…they don’t have any…


They starve from hunger ….still manage to survive….


Aren’t you thankful you have a bed to sleep on …instead of this …


They would wish that they find a place to sleep every night!!!
If you ever think of giving up then do look at this man… And think of him…


Look around yourself and be thankful for whatever you have in this short span of life!! We can’t afford to cry over THINGS we don’t get!! Rather we should cherish all that we have. If they could always find a reason to be happy then why can’t we??


There are many things that will catch your eyes, but only few things will catch your heart… pursue those…

Love gives this strength…. Try to appreciate and respect the love and respect we got… & spread the spirit of compassion for the same of humanity!!!


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