Its all about how we look !!!

Being in love is a crime and this is certainly true for those who have failed to be in a relationship.
Every move we make, every decision we take is a result of our selfish nature and intent!! From the existence of God to the death and destruction of humanity.

Loving someone so that not be left alone, caring someone to be cared in return when needed, having children so that they could support us later, loving someone to be loved back, wishing happiness and success for others do that to maintain relationships for future use, even death is an escapism to avoid pain, to care for your parents is also involves a give and take relation… This somatic materialism cannot be avoided but can be debated..

I just hate this animalistic hedonism but I too later made to realize that I am not worthy enough to live, to love….
The selfish character of human beings is just not tolerable but people now become used to it and perhaps the material world is everywhere even in places where the hearts should have the jurisdiction only….

Hope things will change soon!!!


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