Perceive Problems in a Different Way!!!!

A debate over love marriage and arrange marriage is very much similar to the debate we witnessed in 1980-90s when the people were anticipating the change in economic policies…. Back then the debate was all about whether to continue with the planned economic strategy which follows the conventional rules or to come out of this rigid traditional planned economic process to new economic policies….

The rights of prostitutions must be addressed properly..just because they are prostitutes it would be wrong tho hold that they do not have dignity. The way prostitution is based on comparative advantages… as said by many critical authors, I would like to compare it with the basics of international trade which is also based on comparative advantages and flourished as the globalization began and the doors of different jurisdictions began to welcome others. Take it this way and accept it.

The grave issues of rape and sexual abuses which had been in news long past and still continued with more gravity and cruelty..what is the possible reason for it despite having many laws and enforcement agencies??
Well I believe the curiosity of human beings is perhaps one of the reason… which remained unaddressed. This is related to ethical values of human beings and the materialistic approach to human life.
Have you ever thought of as to why the rate of rape of sexual abuse in tribal masses is much lower and many tribes are matriarchal… compared to what we experience in urban civilized areas??

I think the curiosity over the body of the other gender is more important than the respect and love leads to most horrific sexual offences. The more society will go onto follow the need based approach        . I think if we all roam naked perhaps the curiosity will end and we might get a solution as to what we actually want…
Pardon my language…but the absence of trust and love along with materialistic approach forced Mr to think such kind of wired ideas….

What is poverty? Book say it is a relative concept but absolute poverty is something wherein people are not been able to attain basic needs such as food clothes and shelter..
I feel poverty is a product of indiscriminate development, anger, hatred, me first attitude, lack of opportunities and freedom, social dogmas which are followed religiously..and the lack of awareness of a good and healthy life… And those who have these facilities yet not acknowledge it…

Another unfortunate aspect of Indian society is the division among people in terms of caste, religion, gender, sexual orientation and economic status. However, most of these are personal issues, and among theses differences the most commonly occurring discrimination is with respect to gender which is present in all religion, castes, society etc.
I would like to touch upon the issues of personal laws which bother me lot because it institutionalize the gender discrimination. Caste mobility is very restricted thanks to khap panchayats. Finally, the patriarchal society.
Every aspect of traditional marriage has some elements of discrimination against the  girl. The age difference between the spouses is an area which should be taken care of because it is completely a patriarchal setup, the economic independence is often avoided, but this issue has become little blunt not because people became more sympathetic to women issues but the men folk are not able to earn sufficiently enough… so out of necessity this was acceptable. The education is yet another area…

Can we get a piece of apple if we cut a mango slice….?? The answer is No.. Do by talking about societal issues.. problems won’t get solved automatically!!?
Let’s make it happen… Let’s change the view…of society.


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