What is Freedom!!

It is said India got freedom in 1947. We all must have read about the movements from revolt of 1857 followed by the battle of Plassey and Bauxar, then came the socio religious reform, moderates & extremists, various individual cults, the famous satyagraha, non cooperation, civil disobedience and what not… Several l lives were sacrificed, but when I see today I still wonder a are we free?

We remained the slave of our destiny without doing anything tho change it.
We are still bounded by social and orthodox cultures which creates divide.
We still fail to achieve the oneness which was last witnessed during the early 18th century.
We are still shackled by the orthodox organised religion.

How can we all be so ignorant, a woman dies in Rajasthan named Badni devi after following fast into death by following Santhara (a Jain custom)… despite SC ban on such religious practices under reasonable restriction.

This new article forced me to think twice before I consider my country to be a short power.. Illiteracy is rampant and one make reason is poverty and mindset.
I think we should all should start a blog for those who cannot afford to go to school for any reason but weekly they can access to internet to get basic stuff. And our focus should be educating girls first because I believe I we could we could educate a girl we educate a generation which is not the case with boys…

Stand by these little kids.. there smiles are priceless, helping them would be much more than worshipping God for ourselves….

Let’s work for girl child who’s life is full of struggle, from mother’s womb till she dies. Let them grow, let them flourish, they are repository of power, they can do anything.. Even they can become single mothers….they generate love,

Let’s try to change this p picture into a colourful one…


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