The Decision I took last month!!

2 thoughts on “The Decision I took last month!!”

  1. I wonder why you talk about not being emotional on my blog when it comes to decisions in life while your blog is full of myriad, strong emotions. Great thought put through the post though the method of approach isn’t something I’d approve of. It lacks balance – projects extremities.

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    1. Loved it….I know that the method is not right….even when I look people who are dead from inside .. Yes..only dead people can go for such killings….. Or for that matter sexual assaults on girl child …
      I hate them…I don’t think they deserve to remain alive and give lectures on women issues in class …..

      Coming to your blog….am in favour of being emotional because that is the only symbol of humanity …perhaps….but those who are emotional often fall in parts in this society and the population of this group is getting reduced….not in terms of death bit in terms of indifference….
      That is why I requested you and soumya not to become the victims of being emotions in this world….
      I can because am already dead…bit you r not….for sure …otherwise such brilliant, lovely writings we would not have been reading….
      Take care…!!


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