The Decision I took last month!!

There are many of life’s decision  which are hard. Such decisions because they are rare which we don’t get much practice making them.

Sex selective abortions is prevalent in India… Mainly the reason being the soon preference and Pls avoid my name there if at all you want to comment.
Thank s reason could be the cost benefit analysis done by parents. There could be various other reasons and generally for crimes like this would surely have many justification… This is one decision which is often taken in India which shows the true character of the people.
The recent incident in Delhi where an English literature lecturer end up forcing such a decision on his wife.
An English professor who ought to be knowing the beauty of life and soul of a girl child; might have used metaphors is his classes while describing the beauty and the spirit of a girl child…

Initially I cried out of anger then I  realized that this would not help to improve the situation but I was not been able to stop myself within the for walls of my room. Next day I went to delhi to meet this man.. and fortunately I got to meet him once he opened the door..

He asked for my name…I paused for a while and then I replied that I was an insurance agent and got a good deal for him.. Then he asked me to sit and we discussed about the insurance policy ..after sometime I asked for a glass of water..

He was by then was very much impressed with the policy..he went to the kitchen to get me the glad of water…
During this time I looked all the corners of the room where the windows were all closed..I took up the vase and the moment he came with a glass of water… I thrashed the vase on to his head and was about to kill him but his wife saved him. She estopped me with her hands folded and eyes full of tears..
She said it’s not because she loves her husband but my overt act would not help the mindset of people like him , when I asked for the reason why she  still want to save him.

I returned back to home with nothing in my hand except the experience I got.
Every time the face of that woman comes in my mind… her words when she told me that men like him want to spend night with her but cannot accept a girl child..well finally she ended up saying that its better to not give birth to a girl child in such a family because she wouldn’t be able to survive in such an environment…. Perhaps god saved her from more pain and agony if she would have been born in this animal infested society…..

Days have past, but still found the truth in her words which I often encounter in newspapers everyday. I tried to avoid these realities but this was not possible for me… I chose not be an escapist….
I just hated myself for being a part of this society… where the people are divided and cruelty is based on their biological differences ….

We failed to provide then Space , failed to accommodate the girl child…instead of growing and spreading fragrance in all directions , we chose to keep them inside the house in the name of protection with all sorts of restrictions backed by religion and customs,

I just want to ask this question …whether this unsafe situation is also not been created?? We often talk of animal right in a country where human Rights and basic freedom is at a stake…

The analysis of many reports I have read and now I would like to highlight a trend… Areas where there is poor sex ratio there is more  violence in the name of gender, they often tend to forget that girls ate the mother’s of today’s women,…social, and economic dependency has fuelled the aggressive attitude.

Time has come to walk the talk ….instead of debates…pls support girl child ….my humble request …
Pls do whatever you can to promote this message!!


2 thoughts on “The Decision I took last month!!”

  1. I wonder why you talk about not being emotional on my blog when it comes to decisions in life while your blog is full of myriad, strong emotions. Great thought put through the post though the method of approach isn’t something I’d approve of. It lacks balance – projects extremities.

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    1. Loved it….I know that the method is not right….even when I look people who are dead from inside .. Yes..only dead people can go for such killings….. Or for that matter sexual assaults on girl child …
      I hate them…I don’t think they deserve to remain alive and give lectures on women issues in class …..

      Coming to your blog….am in favour of being emotional because that is the only symbol of humanity …perhaps….but those who are emotional often fall in parts in this society and the population of this group is getting reduced….not in terms of death bit in terms of indifference….
      That is why I requested you and soumya not to become the victims of being emotions in this world….
      I can because am already dead…bit you r not….for sure …otherwise such brilliant, lovely writings we would not have been reading….
      Take care…!!


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