What Indian coffee House has to say..


These are the few glimpses of Calcutta’s ICH…
Crowd has changed , discussion has changed….tables, chairs, old hanging fans are the sole witnesses….
Globalized crowd with western culture, girls are smoking, unfortunately this is what they meant by the term empowerment and happy with the so called equality they enjoy smoking with the make folk…slangs were been exchanged…(this is precisely what they have tho say) I was very unhappy with the situation with the change…
Its a different world all together, no matter what is going to be the future….they just enjoy the present moment..

Tagore is only remembered on his birthday, but he failed to command respect on rest of the days.. His big portrait witness everything from the centre.

It was my first visit to this place… and I was surprised to witness the mixture of various cultures, an open society, a cosmopolitan crowd, open exchange of thoughts often useless…especially among the crowd….


Few benches was occupied by some old visitors….I was able to gauge their feelings..even without talking to them, every eyes were in search of olden days when there uses to be discussion on various issues at the highest level.


I always heard that Bengali’s are known for football lovers, almost every Bengali is a smoker, culturally active and most of them at least pretend to be so, strong believer of adda n last but not the least is the fish culture.

This article is not to criticise the Bengali folk or to hurt them. Its an attempt to rejuvenate them, revival of this group is important as they have lot to contribute as we all have witnessed in the past…


Is romaniyat ki duniya se niklo….aur please kuch karo…!!


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