Time and space heal.. Is it?

This thought comes to my mind every day… The pain of being away from her is intolerable…. Mere belief of her presence around me could have played a significant role…. But gradually I  had developed a doubt.. whether time and space have the power of  healing??

Time and space does not bring relief always; you all have lied, who told me time would ease my pain!!

I still miss her in the weeping of the rain; The old snows melt from every sides of a mountain and last year’s leaves are smoke in everywhere……

There are 1000 places where I fear to go, which reminds me of her being; and entering with relief some quiet places where her foot never fell out and soon shone her face.

I say there is no memory of her here!!


5 thoughts on “Time and space heal.. Is it?

  1. It does heal in a secondary way. The memories starts fading. The way they used to make us feel fades away. We think that it is not tolerable, but after the fading starts, the silver lining comes and we start in believing that it can be possible. Difficult, but I have been there and hence I can say that it works 🙂 Hope something good happens for you also 🙂

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