I Lost My Unknown Friend !!!

     There was this friend of mine
Who used to hide his name & identity
    He often rescued me from some
serious troubles & hard times of my life.

     He always have time for me
Without even being approached he
  used to get to know, what I need
When I need and how much I need it.

His smile used to work both ways
       as sarcasm and for fun.
His smile and happiness often reminds
      me of my childhood days
The care free life, without the burden
     of any targets imposed upon us.

In each and every decision of my life
   he used to look put his comments.
Be it my first date or my final exams !!

I don’t remember any moment of crisis
    wherein I haven’t received his help
He never refused to provide his hand 
   to me whenever I was about to drown

Times passed away and we both grew
     together. But the reason and mind
developed in the process of growth has
   left me alone and distance with my friend with time increased & this cruel
    competitive world forced me to
forget his memories. I was into the race
        of making money and power.

Years after I realised that my friend was
      none other than my conscious.
It always kept me in limit until recent
  past…. Today I have everything other
than his support, the restriction required
    to live in a society in a cohesive way

Hope to see you soon my friend…
My best buddy!!!           


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