Sometimes Correct decisions Are Not Good Decisions

She was my reason for existence,
She was also my ultimate risk.
In the process of loving her too much, I lost myself gradually and I forgot that am special too..(for which I have no regrets).

I failed to fight hatred with hatred she had for me because when you really love someone, you see all their mess, hatred and you love them anyway or it may makes you love them more.. this is what I realised…

I have been fighting to be who I am throughout my life, but what is the point of being who I am if I cannot have the person who was worth all the fighting for!!

Before I met her, I feel dead inside. She made me feel alive. She made me write, she made me realise the worth of a soul. Maybe that’s why I cannot think of letting her go. I don’t want to die  another time in a single life but at the same time I cannot force her to be with someone with whom she doesn’t want to live…

But today, the situation has changed… perhaps only the pain of parting , do we look into the depths of our love.

All I have learnt today is that, sometimes you have fall in love with a wrong person so that thou can find the right person. But sometimes the right p person doesn’t love you back or you are not the right person….

Finally, as time goes on, it’s become impossible for me tho deny that she means something to me and this feeling is only increasing with time…

With love…


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