The 45 minutes of my life!!

Three months ago I have met this girl called Aradhana. I met her for the first time in the local train. She was sitting just opposite to my seat and listening to some music ( I guess). She was very beautiful, full of innocence, and looked apparently introvert and shy.

I met her on the same train next day. This time she looked at me and smiled. I immediately reciprocated.. But there were many people sitting around us and as usual very much curious on this.

The smiles continued to be exchanged between us for another couple of days. After few days I asked for her number through my gesture…and she replied by by indicating her fingers one after the other to convey her number….

Later we stared chatting via social media and we started feeling the chemistry developing. After a month one day I asked her for dinner and she replied immediately followed by sending a cute smiley…

The day which I won’t forget in my life… She came down to the restaurant with a beautiful pink dress. The curves are like the meanders of river flowing, her dress was kissing the ground, her smile has the power of healing pain.. I was stunned by the combination of beauty and purity. It was so serene, calm,  pure…. her presence changed the atmosphere.

Then we settled down and I was about to order the starters hence I asked her about what she would like to have.

This question of mine changed things around… She replied in gesture indicating that she, since childhood suffering from hearing and speech impairment.. (she was differently abled).

This was a shocking piece of information that I never thought of. Looking at her face I was sure that I inadvertently expressed my shock and disgust… (Which I ought not to have expressed)

She was feeling shy, and must have been cursing her life. For around 45mins we were looking at each other. Different thoughts were going on in our minds… We were about to take a decision which is supposed to be one of the rare and important decisions of our life. There was silence all around table.

After 45 mins I took my phone and texted her one sentence and that was ” you are still adorable and beautiful and I love you…. Will you please marry me”
Unfortunately the network was poor so the text reached late..  Those few seconds were perhaps even more difficult to handle than the 45mins of silence. I was restlessness from inside and wanted to convey what I feel for her and she might be impatient to know what is the fate of this relationship.

Here comes the moment, the text got delivered . She read it  and immediately burst into tears so did I.

Today when we look into the past, we cherish every moment of what we shared…because we have only moments and no dialogues , in fact we have developed our own language, the language of love…

Don’t ignore true love…it rarely comes our way in any form, takes all our pain  and only gives love in return without any expectations!!!

Thank you.


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