Time and Again….I Asked for it!!!

Yes, I am a girl and I feel secure inside
               my mother’s womb.
I am scared and anxious whether I
      would be accommodated in
the society or will I be often neglected..

Today, I saw the first light… I cried for
      the first time, I saw my mother’s
face with full of happiness and proud
        but something was missing…

As I grew up, I was given to understand
     who I am, I worked hard to prove
my worth… first in my family, then to
                       the world.

       I felt the guilt of being a girl..
    In school, college and university
I could remained  only a roll number
                 before the world

A question often used to come to my
      mind, that is, why I was always
    be reminded of being sub citizen?
Being worshipped and molested at the
      same time, my soul and pain lies somewhere in between this dichotomy..

              Yes, I am a woman
  I have my own identity, my own life
    Though seldom I realise this fact.
Instead, it happens the other way round.

   Yes, I would love to chase my goals
      I would love to commit mistakes
I would like to chase my people around,
   But, I am not allowed to even dream
                     any of these!!

Yes, I can also be in love, I can also
       go wrong, aren’t am allowed
                    to move on!!!

Yes I would like to be a mother, it will
     give me more strength….. but I
refuse to be considered a machine for
                         this job.

All that I want is freedom, a space to
         grow, to live, tho create an
identity for myself… to choose the
    people I want to be in my life…

Please don’t drag us to the extent, that
we would be searching reasons for our

Thank you!!


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