My love…My soul..!!

She has been my best friend, ever since we were in school.. I was with all the time.. She used to ask for class notes just before the exams, used to kiss my cheeks , but I wanted something more.

I was trying to tell her, straight from my core, that I loved her… But I too shy, I just don’t know why??

She was a dancer, a performer, dedicated and hardworking, and ambitious,…. Wanted thou succeed, while I was wearing things that nobody observed….

In the evening, we used to walk down the streets, was the best time in my life until the days came to an end… I wanted tho tell her that she was more than just a friend because I loved her…
but I was too shy,  don’t know why…

I was so obsessed but I wanted too give her some more time… A day passed, a month, then a year…. fortunately our friendship continues to be a mainstay…

Her husband was a successful man and she deserve such an awesome guy.. and I remained the struggling writer with too much to say…

Years passed, I grew old and somewhat better I was a wasted soul, alive without a purpose….

That day my phone rang, it was her husband on the other side with a sad news for me, the girl I loved for the last 60 years was fine at 69….
Perhaps  that was the final task awaiting for me. I went there and paid respect to the girl I loved eternal.

An still alive with her voice that we used to record, her memories, and her soul… and waiting for the final destination of my life…


5 thoughts on “My love…My soul..!!”

  1. This is the second time I am visiting a story on your blog. I don’t know how you create this magic every time.

    Even when you didn’t write a disclaimer this time(if you recall our last conversation) as I was reading this story in my inbox, I was feeling that someone old who deeply felt love was writing a memoir. I had forgotten all about you. I thought it is some old guy who writes well. 🙂

    You have an amazing talent and I feel you must know about that. 🙂

    I wish you very best.

    Love and light ❤


    Liked by 2 people

      1. So, you are either in love or have a great imagination or both!
        I am glad 🙂 Keep creating the magic.

        Love and light ❤


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