What if I still love you…

           I know that I loved you..
        Though I realised it gradually
   Don’t know when, or how it all started.

Without a word, walking with her,  and
   looking for different reasons always,
  to extend the time with her for another
                couple of minutes…

She was flawless around me always .
    Our memories feel so endless..
that even today am hanging by a thread.
   Your everything I search for, noticed
her every move, tried to fulfill the needs
    she might require to achieve her
goals, without being asked for it….all
    I did because I thought, what I had
for her was true… and I was not wrong.

   But today, I asked her to give me one
reason to believe that she is far away from my life, because I can  still feel your presence around me, I can hear your giggles….

Full of tears, I was forced to say good
bye with full of sadness and sorrow
I sit and cry independent of time…
  You blamed me for it, you said it was
                     all my fault….

Now I just wanna sleep.. or a coma would be a better option to get rid of the pain of losing myself… losing my existence..losing the reason to survive..

My loneliness consumes every inch of
        my body at a regular interval.
My hands are ice cold, my eyes bleed
       tears, inside am being tortured
and going insane… All my days & nights
       I live in the world of blame, my
  past haunts me.. as I failed to erase
                       them all..
My mind races with the thoughts full of
    yours, I never wanted you to walk
away. Wish I could get some more time!              
Thank you….


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