Because you are a woman!!!

              You are a woman
You give birth to a delicate child…….
      You sacrifice your entire life
in raising that child so unconditionally.

   You perhaps all your duties in the
roles of daughter, mother and wife…..
     you support your family during
the crisis as crisis manager all the time

But what is it that you giving so much?
A tag She( sexually harassed entity)

You know all these wrong that are …
   happening, then why do you…
                     stay quite!!

Look up to my eyes, look up and tell me
    are you so weak?? I don’t think so .
Then I just get up and fight for your right
      and wake up & raise you voice for

Because it’s you who gives the boon of
            existence to the world
It’s you who teaches the world to walk..
        Because you are a woman.

The power with which you can make
          other’s life a real success
Using the same strength you can live
         your own life in your terms.

         Because you are a woman.


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