My life..My Determination!!

Am in a position to earn my daily bread,
           All I need is to live my life
All I need, is to complete what I have
                   started earlier..

A life without purpose is something
        that I really want to leave…
may be because am an escapist or may
     be am unable to accept the life
without my identity which vested in my

When we grow up early, we often left
     with no curiosity of the things around despite the fact,  that there are lot to
                  unfold before me..
The fact of the matter is, I just don’t 
       want to witness any positive
                change without her ..

     But it’s just that, I don’t want to see the positive side of anything which         may create an impediment in the process of my escape…     

Everyday I woke up, I go for my work
     I come back, prepare my dinner
& every night I stand before the mirror
     search for myself, rarely breathe for
myself, the injuries have yet to heal…

   I believe that one day perhaps it
would heal.. one day perhaps I could
     I forget her face, one day I could forget the experiences I had but…!!
   I may not remain stubborn .. but such changes would create a gap between
              me and my beloved .
 Thus, it’s better to escape this world
         without aspiring for this gap..

I hope One day! One day! will come when you will realise how much I loved you… But perhaps I won’t be there to see that….

Thank you…



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