A post for Maa!!

Dear maa,

Everything I am today is because of you, you are the first voice that sunk to me. At every turn, thou pushed me tho better, teach me to be true tho myself and the ones I love….

Well, I look into your eyes, I am so proud. Now that am grown up, I truely realize the sacrifices you have made for me so unconditionally. My love for you goes beyond what o can say.

I know that I have been watched by you always, I can really feel your presence even I am far away from you….

A post is surely not enough to describe you… so I would like tho write one post on you and dedicate to all the mothers for being there for us…..

Dedicated to all mothers…


21 thoughts on “A post for Maa!!”

      1. Thank you …
        I have never thought such appreciation before….I was never a usual writer, in fact I never used to write….perhaps I will be always thankful to that particular soul who made me write…

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      2. Hmmm…rest reads–jinko kuchh na chaahiye be hi shahenshah :
        It means–desire is no more, no more worries, mind is without care(Beparvah)–those who need nothing are true kings ๐Ÿ™‚

        Your handle reminded me of that ๐Ÿ™‚
        Love and light โค


      1. Same here….
        Thank you so much….
        Love never fades never dies…
        And that creates a problem at times ….ykj know… It force you to live…a life…a life


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