Dancing to tune of love!!!

With every passing day, my painstaking
    journey to complete the remaining
period if my life, becomes more difficult
    With the flash clear enough to see
                        your face….

I still wonder that why I failed to make
   you comfortable enough so that                     you could speak out about what is
   the reason for such an ignorance…..
Wish I could express how painful
  it is to think for a second without you.

   You always used tho tell that in a
relationship, all you wanted is time and
       experiences instead of anything
   Your logic was that, as you would be
giving yourself, then this should not be
            reciprocated materially…

I appreciated and respected her thought
    I walked this idea you believed in.
I gave her by time, experiences, there ….
     was no single moment of my life
which I tried to share with her, but I felt
   that perhaps this is not she meant…
So I tried a lot of things that I could go
   to express how much I care for her and for the decisions which she take..

But my fate was sealed, because I was
     not the guy she was looking for..
As a consequence I was forced to keep
             myself away from her..

Wish I could told you how it is like to cry
   for long hours, how it is like to be
consumed by the feeling of hatred …..
   Still I look at the book store where we
shared few moments, still when I look at the paanipuri wala where you paid
     paid based on the principle of equaity and gender unbiasedness ……
      the cafe, even the library chairs haunts me today in your absence..I lost myself somewhere in between….

I miss you and love you so much and
      so unconditionally that, even
you are far away from me, wherever &
        whomsoever you are with…..
I will still love you, I will hold you and
          dance to different tunes…
Because imagination at times are even
              stronger than reality…..

Thank you…



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