Remembering the past…

         She was my life, my love
She used to take care of me, and also
     prepared me for the competitive
world outside, she used to take notes
      for me, used to carry my bag
when I was carrying my broken arm 
                 along with me!!!

She was my favorite, my life, my love.
        She was simple, serene,
pragmatic, …. She was my “HERO”
    She always carried clear thoughts on
various issues which were very unique..

She looked fragile, weak but am sure by
     now that she is very strong from
the core which she proved by the way
      she stood when she was in her
worst days of her life She not only hung.
    but had converted it into a positive

I always wanted to hold her hand not
     because she was weak, but I
feel that without her presence I will be
She was my guide, my reason for my

She made me realise the importance of
     nature and it’s beauty that should
be appreciated.. She was the loveliest
    person I have come across, despite
being bruised, burnt, broken from inside
    but still she is ready with her heart
for me,to mend with love & benevolence

Miss you love , wherever you are…


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