Few Things That I Admired About Her!!

First and foremost… I would like to begin by saying that she is a nice human being;

She is sincere about her work, she is always ready to be accountable for her decisions;

She is able to distinguish between personal and career goals, she believed that personal goals are really very important for sustaining her priceless smile;

She is very much caring and supportive to her family and friends;

She  has loads of friends and she loved them from her core;

She is pragmatic, but still doesn’t like to use raincoat in reading seasons;

She loves to dance, she loves to write, paint/sketch, she was a complete package of all positive vibes;

She is religious but eternally and refuse to follow superstitious rituals;

She is strong, positive, optimistic and always used to take cost effective and calculated moves;

She loves the red colour, but what makes her different is that, she loves to wear jewellery only in dreams;

She believed in soul, her take on soul is that, soul never dies instead provides strength to pull out people from most difficult situations;

She loves music of all sorts and focuses on lyrics because she was able to admire emotions and the language therein;

She always carried a smile on her face yet she was bruised and battered from inside;

She is very well read, and has a passion for books, she writes amazingly well, her words are capable enough to travel long distance to convey emotions lucidly;

She is like a beautiful bird who wants to fly, wants to meet people, gather experiences to enrich her life;

She is always in search of knowledge, her mind is clear, & open and ready to a accept “gyan” from all around!!!

She is the princess of her father, but certainly she is my queen, my soul, my love!!

Stay blessed wherever you are!!!
Miss you.


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