Heart beat… It’s unbearable!!

The way she left me, will always be a question in my mind. She always used tho say that it’s not love but madness, wish I could tell her that perhaps my madness may be a cause of your fame!

Oh….I lived & loved you so much … Still the seasons turns to autumn, hopes and dreams of yours.. surely cannot fade..

Still I see the girl kicks through the fallen leaves that one breath and beat of heart…. please do not sever my relationship with you, if you think that nothing is possible, then at least be my enemy…. I really do not want a debate on the sustenance of love. Be it not live but another dilemma!!!!

The love I gave you was yours, the lips I gave you were yours. I was only a page on which you wrote when it was blank… please don’t create a vacuum again in my life… A love once loved is sealed above. Each walking day & in dreams I kiss the pillow of your lips, there is no death to love, it lives but you may never know…. that you are my love!!!

Girls like you are hard to find, but am glad that I did. It feels like I ‘ve known you forever… I believe that I knew from the start that I ‘d fall in love with you.
Today I disclosed my feelings not because I have to but I want to.. Just the thought of hurting you hurts me… I have only one question…. Why can’t it be forever?? No matter what happens, I will never let any change as to how I feel about you…!!

Though I think I realised or made to realise that it was never my fate to meet by beloved, even if more years of life is allotted to me…, I would have been still awaiting for her…. I know that life without you will be unbearable but I would not have resented the death, if it comes only once!!!!!

Miss you!!
Thank you.


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