Unwelcomed Transformation!!!

Man’s fascination for predicting the future and ruthless development, is an ancient weakness…. This weakened the capacity to hold on to something, to tressure something…. This change or transformation made man’s life more materialistic, selfish, cruel, insensitive.
Unfortunately, like most of us, I also became a victim of this…..Instead of preserving my emotions, I decided to move on to something else..

Today, I question myself that his could I leave them especially when they were the sole supports during my days of crisis…..

Yes, am talking about my long affair with my books… I had a deep emotional attachment with my books.. which unfortunately is fading gradually…

Today, my books peeps through the glass of the bookshelf, they looked at me with all the emotions and pain… Often express their agony to me when they say that we haven’t spend time together for months….

There were times when my evenings used to be full of gossips and stories,  times when I used to spend times with my  books…. Those were the best days and I miss them badly!!

Today, my books are restless, and they have developed habit of being alone.. They roam all around my room when the world sleeps….

Today I want to say that, they taught me various relations, societal set ups, which are being destroyed gradually today in this fast and cruel competitive world.. This has taken my love away from me…

I wonder what will happen to those moments when I used to keep them over my chest and on my lap; where I will find the smell of the pages and the impression of flowers in between the pages with full of emotions and stories attached to it; what will happen to those relationships which were used to  develop during the process of borrowing, falling, and picking up books ..
Will always miss you!!

I would like to dedicate this post to all my readers… Who inspired me to write and special thanks to my love who made me write…

Finally.. to AdiC .. This post may help you to arrange your bookshelf… in a different way….

Thank you..!/


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