One Day!!!

It was not my fault, I have committed no offence, just couldn’t ignore to love… I don’t know why??

I just wish you could notice that in every interactions between us, I was simply telling you that I do care about you.. Remember, when we used tho stop in the middle of the street tho talk to each other..? I miss those times.

It’s really difficult for me to pretend not to live a person when I know I do. Why say hurts the most is when I  realise that she is gotten over with me so easily.. She was my secret smile, my source of strength but she is becoming my obvious tear.

But now, I wish the disaster pass soon, the absence of your presence gets over soon …. so that the nights & days could belong to us… and tears may depart from our lives…

On air…I am sparring one night, join hands , dreams galore, one night the lights will rip through the darkness dears ones will opened their arms…. the world will become beautiful.. Happiness will be all over, agony will be a thing of past, for one desire to smile ..

Hidden and unfold were my desires my entire world seemed lost . It was so brutal. But I will with the sight of yours which will breathe life into me, a glance at you will lead the thousands of sorrows to a naught…

My body and soul I shall give unto you, and shall bridge all the distances, and make a new world!!! One day.

Miss you wherever you are
Take care!!

Thank you!!


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