My First Letter to You!!

There is no doubt in my mind about the
      fact that, you are the one special
girl who is worth the whole world to me
      Whenever I looked deep into her
eyes, I forget all my troubled times!!!!!!

You are my solution to every problem…
     and you are everything I wanted..
There cannot be anyone to replace you
     Your face was brighter than the sunlight, your smiles takes me miles…. Your beauty & personality amazes me
     I feel it’s almost impossible that
Someone could be this much desirable..

I would always want to be with you as
    I don’t want to regret forever if I
leave you far away in this would alone
   You are  my light when life is dark
You are my start that twinkles in the sky
   You are the wind that whistles my name, you are like a flower that bee’s
       will never miss, a beach where  warm sun kisses.. my heart though is
      weak but my soul is strong and
deep; the pain you have, I will love to 
    heal; anything you want I can deal
But anything you go will never be bad
   except the severance of our relation

Miss you… Please take care!!
Thank you.


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