Lines I Recall When I Come Across Portrait!!

Its been months that I haven’t seen you
     smiling, haven’t heard your voice
Again this morning I stand before your
    picture with your bright face, I
must deplore that no kiss will wake my

Your absence is really painful, as the sun wouldn’t be red, and the stars wouldn’t be bright; similarly I wouldn’t be happy without you..

I know that there are many ways to say
  that I love you… but hardly any words
to express how much …I think my love for you is like a long journey which starts at forever and ends at never!!!!!

Initially, I let you to hate me so that to
    protect you, but today I realised
that you were my strength, don’t leave
   please !!! The love I feel is eternally deep; just thinking of you,my heart feels
    the fire!! Thinking of you from the
morning till night, brings a smile & joy to
                      my life!!!

Miss you..
Take care!!


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