Sex & Power- Gandhi & Banning!!

Initially, before I read this in some of the biographies on M.K.Gandhi, which confirmed the fact that he used thi sleep naked with many of the young girls at his ashram (including his grand niece) ..

I was surprised when in some of his biographies hurriedly dismissed this fact as something that apparently we should accept as the eccentricities of great men!!!

This logic I failed to digest… The painful and angering fact of me when I think of the psychological & emotional trauma of those girls and women whom he (the father of our nation) used for his “experiments” which he called as incidents… I perceive him as a classic example of sexual predator ..a man who used his position to manipulate & exploit the people he directly controls…

What is even more pathetic is that these facts were selectively edited from school texts may be because it’s big, and explosive aspects of the inner aspects n dynamics of Gandhi ashram and its inmates..

People like N.K.Bose, Parsuram, J.B.Kriplani, V.Patel condemned this practice of Gandhi thorough letters.etc

I would like to ask only one question…
Why it is difficult to acknowledge Gandhi’s contribution in freedom struggle and also that he used his power n position to sexually exploit girls and women who came under his leadership ??

Can we now relate this with the banning culture of our govt today…
Thank you


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