Yet Again A Sad Story !!

Ten years have passed, but still I am still far away from justice.. Being a tape survivor from Lucknow (asiyana rape case) I am not ready tho give up..and still waiting for the final l verdict and am determined to prove that I am more than just a tape survivor!!

10years ago, I was 23years,  dragged inside a  moving car by 4 youngsters properly armed around 6pm…I was beaten up mercilessly and burned with cigarettes. They took the video of mine and also inserted a fun barrel inside my ******
When they were done with all they wanted, they dumped me on the empty road tho die…

I came home alive but life after that remained restricted tho court and police station…

Instead of justice , similar incident happened in delhi ( Nirbhaya case).. Why didn’t I still got justice like the Delhi gang tape case?

This will lead to isolation, absence of fellow felling, absence if nationalism, absence of faith from the governance machinery….

We just cannot let that happen… We cannot let our people go away…let’s do something!!
Thank you


4 thoughts on “Yet Again A Sad Story !!”

  1. Oh my! I’m so sorry dear. I’m so so so sorry that you had to go through this. You are not a survivor. You are a fighter. Always remember that. I cannot advise you because I know what you’ve went through, is much bigger than trauma. I’m sorry.

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