Basics of Societal Cohesion!?

As per the latest census data 2011 on the level of education achieved by Indians is very poor.. Despite increase in college attendance, especially among women, fewer than one out of ten Indians is a graduate. Only 8.15%of Indians are graduates, it’s really sad..

The rate of increase in graduated was faster in rural than in urban over the last decade, and fastest if all among rural women

When I perceive that the actual reality,  conditions prevailing in the society; I really doubt whether  people are in a position to appreciate and form opinion on various issues ranging from euthenasia, viability of death penalty, the basic/ fundamental rights and duties corollary from it, even the policies of government, the core values of society such as secularism, equality, freedom etc.

Their ignorance have been used by many for respective interests; often been politicised which certainly disturbs the social fabric, the oneness, the concept “we the people” in preamble should be replaced by we the citizen ” which will portrait the actual societal condition.

Community dinner or lunch or gathering is often used to achieve parochial objectives instead of promoting oneness and brotherhood. Inter caste and inter religion marriage is still been cursed which actually discourages the concept of love, the gender biasness is something which is the most painful dimension. Since centuries the gender biasness have been continued in different forms and different communities which shows that, these discriminations is driven by self interests….

We all should understand these nuances so that we can understand the basic problems and promote steps to discourage the societal divides from the grassroots.

Let’s stand for humanity, love and eternal faith..
Thank you


2 thoughts on “Basics of Societal Cohesion!?”

    1. Correct that is precisely my point , the quality part is missing while calculating literacy rate… Principles and ideologies like democracy, nationalism, secularism etc is something which is not to be left out at the hands of those who are not in a position to handle such sensitive core ideas…

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