Note For My Love!!

My exams are knocking the doors, and  before I get into preparation mode.. I have been asked to take rest for 5 days because of fever n severe headache. 

All alone in my room with my mobile and headphone an getting prepared to to start my 5days boring n painful journey.
But at the perfect moment you can’t tho my rescue. Before I could think of anything else, the first thing that I saw today was the reflection of your face, literally I just cannot think of anything else apart from your face… it has the power to heal..

Nothing could be comparedย  with your dark eyes which is dipped in the ocean of emotions.. You were my mirror,ย  helping me to take right choices, the most important thing is that I don’t want to live without you. Do remake my ruined life and then our friendship & then love will be a different meaning altogether!!

Today am far away from you but wherever I am, I’ll always think of you & the time we spent together… I would like to admit that those were the best days of my life..

Despite high fever n shivering body, I manage to keep myself warm internally with the warmth and love I have for you. I hardly realize any pain when ever I think of you… I literally feel your presence all around, I keep talking to you despite knowing that you are physically not present…

I just cannot escape your presence or may be its impossible to forget you… My love for you is so eternal that it will never going to die.

I am becoming certain with every passing day that my purpose of life is to be around you, is to love you, to be the reason for your happiness… Your impression is so deep into my soul that no matter time, n distance prevails between us, I will always reside within you…

With time certain things will be clear, may be I would be in a position to approach ..but my love for you is irrespective of any sort of pre condition or establishments…missing you terribly…

Take care… Miss you.
Thank you..


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