Straight From The Ward no. 215.

Today I feel the same pain which I felt years ago when the things went wrong and I  was left out alone in this vast world.

Today, even after the high temperature  of around 104-105  I could only think of yourself and this is not intentional but a natural. Today  I cried hoping that it will help to release the emotions which has been accumulated over the years, but nothing happened till so far..

What shall I do if I love the existence of someone in my life even if the other person just doesn’t clear..may be I am not the perfect guy for you but this is perhaps not the way it should end…I miss you every moment and cannot live without you!!

Practically I should move on, but I am not able to because I have the experience of being confined in a solitary cell called life, where every second, I have just relived the past. There was no life, no charm, & no hope.. I became an example for others as a depressed soul.. The distance between me and my family increased with every passing hour..

Your honesty and clarity is what I admire.. Your sweet n beautiful smile is what I love, your eyes are so deep that anyone would like to stay there, your silence is what I scared of, your armpit where I want to dwell for the entire life!!

If nothing is possible then meet at least once, I want to hold your hand once and would like to record your voice, so that I can continue my life with it because I will wait for you… come what may!! This belief is getting cemented with every passing day.. Wherever you go, I will be there because I belief hearts and soul are always connected…

Take care and take your time…
Thank you..


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