Letter To Maa

15 thoughts on “Letter To Maa”

  1. I really am sorry to hear that you lost your mom. I myself, can’t bear to think what will I do if I losey mom. I try to make my mom feel how special and how much I love her so if the time comes which I hope andpray not soon, I will have no regret as I have shown my love for her. I am pretty sure your mom had lived a happy, fulfulling and satisfying life and you made her life wonderful for being a loving and amazing son. You mom’s love for you will never stop even if she was no longer with you.

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    1. Yes…
      Thank you so much..
      Moms are special, they are a product of loving, caring. They not only have birth tho us, they nurture our lives so that we can survive and establish, they protect us from all sorts of troubles even if something which is beyond their capacity, they complete our life, their unconditional love and sacrifice is where lies their strength, and I believed that being a women is itself provides the strength which is surely not present within the men folk..

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    1. Yes, she was… And believe me the more I loved her the more I realised the vacuum… Today, I realised the importance of a woman in a family but it’s too late…
      Thank you so much for the wonderful lines..

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    1. Every daughter is a mother of a woman..
      This is something which I understood and realised that, the way they protect us, the way they feed us, the way they stand by us in all odd situations… says many things..
      Giving birth to a child, they display the highest degree of patience and immense power to endure the pain which is unthinkable for any man..is what should be respected… They are repository of power, love, support etc…they are our world… they complete us!!
      Thank you for your lovely comment.. Means a lot…
      God bless you!!

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