I wonder why I love you so much? I ask this question to myself  but I never got an answer. I always believed that life is a quest for happiness and my happiness lies with her. If she is smiling I will consider myself tho be happy.. Without her p presence even the city looks stranger to me… Perhaps this is the reason that I love her to this extent.

Who is she??

She may be sitting near to me but her mind travels far away into something,
She is not that tall, but her height is determined my her ambitions & goals.
She use spectacles but it doesn’t mean her sight is weak; on the contrary she has a strong observational skill, don’t go by her slim (extra) structure; she is very strong from inside, she might have suffered from blackouts & sunstroke yet daring enough to walk freely in the hot summer without taking any  precautionary measures… She might look very much polite but she is quite only because she don’t want to extend any discussion which is going illogical… She cares for her family & took every possible step to maintain peace yet at times feels very irritating while attending family marriage functions especially when she is in the middle of something.. She is one of the most obedient girl who has never taken any major step in her life without discussing with her parents; although, when it comes to debate, she seldom avoid talking about liberty to the extent of premarital sex and so on…. Often she fights with her long hair though she has taken great pains to grow them so long… She always believed in the concept of “moving on” but whenever her neighbor’s pet fail to recognise her…she becomes very upset & her heart feels the pain; despite her small footsteps no one can imagine how quickly she can move and how long her stamina will support her in this…

I have noticed and loved so many things about her that even if I write one note on her everyday, then also I will be left with many things. ..

Her dichotomies is also an aspect which I loved..& respected… Yesterday, one thought came to my mind that one day I will not be there to write about her, one day this blog will slowly become stagnant and die eventually, but I know for sure that she would be reading these posts again & again wherever she would be..

Love you.. & miss you
Thank thou


13 thoughts on “Dichotomy!!”

    1. I have never written such lines in my life because I was not that of a fiction or literature lover person, always been reading non fiction stuff, but now things are coming so naturally… I just need to think of those days and rest of the things follows automatically…
      Thank you so much…

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