Rape Culture …Let’s Destroy This!!!

13 thoughts on “Rape Culture …Let’s Destroy This!!!”

    1. Yes, you are correct, I know these fee lines will not make changes… But the change will soon be visible in the streets…I promise… An happy that am not alone…
      Purpose served..
      Thank you so much!!!

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    1. Things will change…
      I guess economic independence, education to women and freedom, their growth n development will change themselves….
      Society need to stand by their daughter, sister, wives friends..
      Thank you for you your reply..

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  1. One thing about a majority of people in the society is that their broadmindedness and support are just superficial. Until it remains as a stranger’s issue, a person not related to them, they raise their voice from their homes, in front of the tv set. But when it comes to someone their own being a victim, they’d never open their mouth or raise the issue, and sweep it under the rug. They end up curbing the victim’s freedom. That really needs to change!

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      1. Yes. Having experienced mild sexual harassments in public, I can’t help but think that if it could traumatise me so much, what a scarring effect it must have on rape victims, especially kids. The change should begin from homes it seems, from the parents.

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      2. Absolutely..
        Gender policing is not good but the situation is like that, people who are our loved ones we often do this…

        An so sorry to move that you have experience such… Trust me things will change…. Very soon you will see this.. 🙂

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