Rape Culture …Let’s Destroy This!!!

Being a student of law and society, I was looking into the crimes and its societal impact and reactions.. Living in India especially in West Bengal, its really unfortunate to disclose the fact that according to NCRB, crime against women is rampant and this state this the list 2014.

The first question that comes to my mind is what is the impact of the huge  protest in Delhi, impact of criminal law amendment, impact of the protest on the ban on the documentary called “India’s Daughter”?? Nothing?? Well one change that is very much visible is the fact that cases have increased…

Often people club issues like globalized culture, western education and culture, pub and night outs, dress code, good habits, films,  etc… are the causes of these rapid increase…

Whatever may be the reason is, I am only concern with the solutions. Loads of street plays, awareness campaigns & programmes to mobilise against this heinous act of crime against humanity and soul.. Despite such steps nothing  positive is happening…

As these facts and cases are painful & often I being sensitive towards such issues, it affects my regular work.. though sounds selfish but very pragmatic…. but yesterday I came across this poem which made me cry… It made me think about relations that are being formed in these days, values & principles, the vanishing  line of limitation in the name of liberty and freedom… and so on….

“I am sixteen years old. That day, four hands on my body, under the guise of a prank, grasping at my arms, then my bra, until the flimsy material comes undone.

It’s a joke, they say, and I, the girl-doll, dutifully laugh. As I re-clasp the bra at the middle of my back, I run my fingers over my vertebrae.

It occurs to me that if I could sharpen them enough through starvation,
perhaps they could swiftly slice open any hands that would ever again dare to touch this flesh.”

I after reading this… I honestly believe that yes the society is not worth living, respect for life and dignity remained  dead letters which are often been adhered to..

I want to see a change & I have a plan and I need everyone’s support in this objective so that next time I could read a lovely and lively poem instead of the one that I came across..

Thank you…


13 thoughts on “Rape Culture …Let’s Destroy This!!!

    • Things will change…
      I guess economic independence, education to women and freedom, their growth n development will change themselves….
      Society need to stand by their daughter, sister, wives friends..
      Thank you for you your reply..

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  1. One thing about a majority of people in the society is that their broadmindedness and support are just superficial. Until it remains as a stranger’s issue, a person not related to them, they raise their voice from their homes, in front of the tv set. But when it comes to someone their own being a victim, they’d never open their mouth or raise the issue, and sweep it under the rug. They end up curbing the victim’s freedom. That really needs to change!

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