Another Day Without You!!

Every note I write on love is for you… you are very adorable, have a great sense of humor, you complete my existence.

Few lines I would like to dedicate to you which I think worthy.. You are my empty space when I lie down to sleep awake in your dreams, you are the rhythm to which I will walk in my life along with you!!!

Today, when in the lonely silent footpaths I walk down to my home, your words and laughter echoes inside, I just cannot forget those days………. Do you remember??

When I almost on the verge of losing my faith …you were the one with whom I entered into the church after years of separation… But believe me dear, I would have not reunited with god at the cost of your absence my love!!!

Almost a month have passed you are not there with me, it really seems like decades have passed… But still am still crying and writing random stuff on you,  remembering you every micro seconds.

Oh god please give me a peaceful death or convert my weeping eyes into stone; moving on is not possible for me!!! Please come back to me some day to transform my feelings for you into substance…

Why do you ask me to stop caring about you? Why do you ask me to keep away from you? Why do you ask me to compose myself?? Why don’t you just let me cry my heart for you.. It’s all right to hurt so much. It’s a heart made of flesh & blood… Waiting for you (my beloved) and crying alone… Without troubling anyone, not in anyone’s path or seeking sympathy. Let me sit and cry for you. Don’t worry about me…I will always be there for you because I love you…

I know that my beloved is heartless, no love for me and completely ignores my pain but I would rather sink in my sorrow than tho go to someone else. I  would rather live with truth of destruction but not false feeling of hope!!!

Loved you & miss you
Thank you…


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