Realisation …Better Late Than Never!!

It’s a story which took around three months or so to reach to this point and hopefully end up with a positive note, and full of love eventually…

It’s a story of a very intelligent girl and a not so intelligent guy!! They met each other in a coaching centre and both  were preparing for CAT. The guy got admitted late & in a different batch but there were few classes which were common… On these classes they used to sit in the same class room along with other fellows… Initially they were busy with their own work and studies but later on they became friends….

As time passed the boy realised that this girl was different…. She was friendly to everyone but at the same time she assess people  with her wisdom and decides with whom she wants to talk to and whom she want to avoid!!! Most of the time she proved to be correct…she might be sitting with many people, having lunch with other fellows but her definition of friendship was something eternal, pure, serene, where only honesty has the role to play… She was very particular about her time and work, she had a goal to achieve within a specific time limit…

But those whom she considered to be her friend, she would always be there for them, she  loved her friends…. She used to roam around with friends, she loved photo walks..( still he wonder how would that be)…. She purposely went old age homes to graveyards all alone in search of life and soul!!! She was brave enough to face any situation & was practical to set her limitations….

She had another quality that she could read people very easily within a few meetings…but she was never been judgemental.. One day he was walking with her and in some issue, she suddenly said that, a guy Mr Z( one of our classmate in the CAT test series) only cars about himself… but it doesn’t mean that she was not friendly with him…. Eventually he proved to be so..

Initially the guy failed to understand but later he realised that she was very good when it comes to handling relations, emotions, & people. She had a heart full of love and emotions and she was blessed with some great and amazing friends!!!!

They used to discuss on various topics almost every day.. One day they were discussing about relationships, this guy considered himself to be one of her friends in truest sense… With the time, they remembered every single thing about each other which they disclosed.
Many a times they played emotional tricks on each other when it comes to convince the other…because they knew each other well….

Problems stared when the guy failed tho draw a line… Both were having soft corners for each other but the girl was aware of the time, her commitments to he family etc, but as usual the guy got it all wrong and his overt acts irritated and disturbed her….because it was having an impact on her studies also…
She tried to avoid saying that “we need to be disconnected at sometime at least, would do us good actually”

At that point of time he failed to understand but now he realised that she was correct. She knew how important the exam was for him and also for her,  she didn’t wanted him to flunk the paper and gets distracted ,which led her to take strict actions to the extent of blocking him on Whatsapp, fb etc…

Today he realised that how idiot he was that he failed to respect and understand the reason behind her actions.. Instead he disturbed her, irritated her, took away her space….

Today he wanted to apologize for all his wrong deeds and admit that his feelings, emotions and love for her were genuine… He also requests her to accept his apology and reconsider whenever she finds it right!!!

Loads of love , success, & wishes
God bless!!!
Thank you..


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