What Is Emotion & Knowledge!!

Today I am going to touch upon one of the most complicated topic called “Emotion”. The first question that comes tho my mind is what is emotion?

Emotion perhaps is an affective state of consciousness in which joy, sorrow, fear, hate or the like, is experienced, as distinguished from cognitive and volitional state of consciousness….

The word “affective” is defined as something pertaining to feeling especially pleasurable or not so  pleasurable aspects of a mental process..

If we analyse the word “intelligence “..it is a set of cognitive abilities which allows us to acquire knowledge, to learn and solve problems….

In today’s governance and it’s structural insensitivity, I would like to instill this aspect into the system of governance which will help to address issues which are sensitive..

The aspects of emotional intelligence should be inculcated within the governance machinery so that they develop the ability to perceive emotions, to assess & generate emotions so as to assist thought, tho understand emotions and emotional knowledge, and tho reflectively regulate emotions.

This will help to understand one’s feeling, generate empathy for others and regulation of emotions to enhance one’s life. It will lead tho a healthy relationship and tho have the ability to respond to the challenges of one’s life and career in a positive manner…it will combine heart and head…

Therefore, emotional quotient is the ability to monitor his/her emotions, tho cope with pressure and demands, and tho control his/ her thoughts & actions.

Note : Next part would include it’s other various aspects.. to be continued!!!


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