The Felony On Meee!!!

29 thoughts on “The Felony On Meee!!!”

  1. You were in Port Blair????? Wow… which year?? That is home for me.. Could never ever get over it.. Which school? and how come over there? Navy brat? πŸ˜€ or Govt. job parents? Wow.. this is such a small world.. I am so surprised..

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      1. wow… that is so nice.. KV I believe the one near Aberdeen bazaar… not the Minnie Bay one I guess..
        So good to hear from another “islander” πŸ˜€

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      2. The good boys, hahahaha… mera wallah khatarnak tha.. Model School hahaha… hey, but you could have gone to Carmel… hmm, ok, makes sense.. though..

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      1. Of course.. I said so.. home πŸ˜€
        My wife hates islands.. or else I would never be on the mainland hahaha…
        But you know.. it used to be different before your time.. really different.. by the time you came there, it had changed.. you would have loved it as it was in the old days.. of course, quite tough life, but who cared? πŸ™‚

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      2. Hahaha… baratang.. boy, you would have been surprised.. for sure.. at that time they were really hostile.. It’s so sad now.. they have become like museum pieces, tourist attractions..

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      3. Where did you stay? Junglighat area? Is the cricket ground still the same? or has it been destroyed? (Near the Junglighat jetty)…
        I am a little surprised that they taught you to use the bow and arrow.. how strange.. we used to fear them.. how times change..

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      4. Their salaiva contains the poison…
        I stayed near Aberdeen bazaar , SBI OFFICER’S QUARTERS… the cricket ground I rarely remember…. I was asking 8-9 years old..

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      5. Ah yes, sorry, forgot about that.. Yes, you must have been pretty young…
        But I bet you enjoyed it over there..

        It was serendipity meeting you here πŸ™‚ very nice..

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