The Felony On Meee!!!



       I found myself in a dustbin …
I was treated like a dirt, I was deprived
       of a life which I have a right.
I ask today, what for I was killed  ???
     When I was young in my mother’s
womb, I promised my mum that i would
    be a good girl & help her in odd jobs
       instead of being naughty and
demanding. All I want is to live my life ..

I will be fine, living in a corner behind
      the house, I will live there as a silent doll. All of you can eat with the utensils
       made of gold and silver, but I
won’t mind, I would be happy eating on
  Paper plates,If you don’t want to love me, then don’t. But at least let me come
       into this world!! ( screaming)

I am your mother, m the symbol of love
    your friend, your lover, I banged all
the doors of hope saying that I can give
    the strength to fight & set things
right; I requested you to hold my hands
     because I had a dream to fulfill
A simple dream to sing songs, please
     do not commit this felony, let me
give an opportunity to prove my worth..

When I was about to see the light of the
      day, was about to witness life!!
you showed me the knife & deprived
       me of life; I too wanted to live             
I was helpless , my life was taken away
       and there was nothing I could
do; there lies my pain even today!!!!!
    There was nothing I could achieve
All my dreams & aspirations were also
   killed and I failed to keep them alive

Thank you!!!


29 thoughts on “The Felony On Meee!!!

  1. You were in Port Blair????? Wow… which year?? That is home for me.. Could never ever get over it.. Which school? and how come over there? Navy brat? πŸ˜€ or Govt. job parents? Wow.. this is such a small world.. I am so surprised..

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