Purpose Behind Actions

Every action is backed by some purpose; for the last couple of months I really feel the need to cry… because I want to get out, relieve some of the  pressure from inside, it’s my pain. No matter how I try hard, the pain remains in the same place….

My heart goes out to her every morning & and every time I resist myself from calling her… The first shift of the say especially from 7:00 – 12:00 she hardly liked to talk… This time frame is not at all suitable tho talk, she would get irritated and I have no plans to irritate her.. I keep the pain with me every day!!

I will always love her because it is even more painful tho separate myself from her because my soul is connected with her.. Even after my death, I will be there with her..

I want to tell you that, with time her long, thick, dark hair may convert white, her smooth and softness of youth may replace by delicate softness of age, her face may be full of lines on every smile to have ever smiled, when every tear of  yours you have ever cried, has left it’s mask on your cheek; I will still love thou and will share your life with you…
I may not be her first love, she loved before and she may love again . but today if she loves me now… then
What does it mater. 

I am not perfect for you.. but I can make her laugh, I may make her think twice and admit to being human, hold onto her & give her the most I can.. I will give a p part of myself tho her. ..

Please understand the pain that I am going through, there is a death of motivation to life, please save me..I am failing to continue my life whenever I come to a realise that you have severed me from my life!!

Loads of love…
Thank you!!


5 thoughts on “Purpose Behind Actions”

  1. I have experienced this. Even though I know that nobody can love him more than me, I know that I’m not good for him… Why is it so?

    And to relieve your pain, I must advise you to look at all the blessings of life. God has given you a definite purpose in life. Try to fulfill that. She came in your life to teach you something. Try to learn that and incorporate it in your life. I know it is easier said than done, but then love is never easy.. šŸ˜Š Cheer up!

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