A Victim Of Misunderstanding!!

I have been a victim of misunderstanding!! The only pain
is that even the person whom I
loved , also failed to appreciate it!!!

It is correct to say that, destiny will
play its role, time will showcase its calibre, space has created a vacuum,
consuming me from all corners!!!!

My heart finds it strange when it realise that it has to beat only for itself & survive somehow, it has to feel the presence of pain all alone!!!

With every is passing day, I tried my best to avoid such feelings that….
will hurt me the most, then to my family and eventually to my beloved (a good friend as of now)!!!

Her memories are so lovely that it is
not meant to fade away!!! But at
the same time I was not able to keep it with me for the time being…..
I was in a real fix!!!

Depression has covered me from all sides, there was no single light on the other side which I could follow
to live & sustain!!!

I was not in a  position to disclose
my problem tho anyone….
it has indeed increased my problem.
After waiting for long,, struggling with my memories…. I became tainted,
alone….. Then I consulted with one of my friend from my university days..

A friend in need is a friend indeed!!
Heard this line several times, but yesterday I realised the meaning once again by the same friend who had proved this idiom correct even before.

Srivats kaushal…my friend … Yesterday we had a long chat over the long term depression that I was going through,,, he helped me to analyse the situation in parts with all pro’s and con’s …

Without ruling out any prospects over the issues relating to my feelings for my love, he told me three important things…. First, the exam which can bring me to a comfortable situation from now, it will give me a stand to say anything, secondly, he said that as nothing is clear so far, let’s keep it in the back burner and things will be clear within 3 months and during this doldrum.. I have to face it strongly…or else I will be kicking myself afterΒ  3 months…. As things are not clear so far..perhaps this is not the correct time tho get it cleared…and so on… Thirdly, concentrate on studies and spend spare time in other activities, may be with parents, friends….games etc … Meaning thereby, just be occupied…

After listening these lines, I realised that these were perhaps the same
lines she already told me… then I didn’t realised, but now after walking on the hard, rough surface, I realise how correct she was, how matured she was…

Today I made a routine for myself, I set a believe within my h read that if something has to happen … It will happen, I should understand her state of mind also…
I feel very comfortable today…. hopefully I will continue this spirit….
Last but not the least, all friends in the blogger zone also helped me a lot and I would always be indebted to word press
Thank you all!!

P.S. sharing this personal experience only with a believe that, there are lot of people in the crowd who have experienced this. ..I believe if love is true, it will allow to do correct things, it will help to live happily. I consider myself to be lucky enough that am carrying love for someone … and will continue to do so rest of my life!! I believe in the eternal strength of love.. and I will patiently wait …


16 thoughts on “A Victim Of Misunderstanding!!”

    1. Thank you so much….
      I could have written about the con belt of ‘moving on’ and perhaps that would sound much real, but I wanted a different solution to it…. Believe in the eternal love on one side and work on the other!!

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      1. Rumi says ” Lovers don’t finally meet anywhere, they live inside each other all along.” And I couldn’t agree more. You are romantic and wise πŸ™‚ May God bless you with all you need beautiful soul. Love and light ❀
        Anand πŸ™‚

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  1. Hey I have learned that you’ve been going through a lot of things but trust me if she is yours then she’ll come to you no matter what!
    Trust me.
    Time heals many things..
    Till then take care and yes I am there for you if you want to know some girl point of view regarding some situation..
    Keep Smiling! πŸ™‚
    P.S you must be thinking how the hell should I smile.. but it does help! Try it if you don’t beleive me.. πŸ˜€
    Lots of love,
    Akiraa πŸ™‚

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    1. I really needed a girl’s perspective….
      Yes it’s difficult, perhaps it was my fault …. that I sincerely felt for someone, it may not be love or may be, but there was something that I would love to cherish rest of my life…
      Thank you so much!!!

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      1. If you need a girls point of you then you can always contact me..
        Maybe I can’t comment much on it cause I don’t you what the situation is..

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  2. You are worth a lot more than you give yourself a credit for . whatever is troubling you just forget about it for a while and plunge yourself in living every bit if breath you take. ..

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    1. Thank you Izza .
      “Worth a lot” and “for a while” are the best phrases … Especially for a while….yes I will plunge myself into my work and exam that is coming near to me with every passing day….
      I will certainly keep remembering her…her men memories will never fade… but my trouble state of mind is much better now…. It will certainly help in my next plan of action …
      Thank you so very much Izza, it really means a lot!!!

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      1. Yes after giving several thoughts I think an ready to move forward with all my strength but I will not move alone … It’s not possible…. So I will plunge into living my life with double spirit along with her memories !!!
        Thank you so much ….from my core!!
        God bless!!


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