Being Human!!!

I am always of the view that it is really
    very important to be in love, and
the person who is in love, can really feel
    the worth of human value and life
He/ she can understand the power that
     love, and respect can generate!!

Everyday, I write about love, despite that
   many things  I observe around me,
no matter what an going through in my
   life, I always find some time out of
my schedule to promote love in this
     love deficit society; the goal is
reduce distances among people and to
    achieve oneness and harmony!!

I may sound idealistic in my approach
   but I really don’t write these notes
on love with some expectation.. but I do
   believe that there are people around
me with similar bent of mind, I want to
    reach out to them so that they
shouldn’t feel like being left out because
   they are precious, honest, & simple

They don’t carry a false smile with them
     they make others happy, they feel
for issues around, they really want to
  know when they ask “How R You?”
They may not be well educated, they all
   may be non existent tho the society
but they are a constant support !!!!

Everyone’s life have some story, they
   also have some incidents or some
people who carries special importance
   on their life.. even a pet can also
play a crucial part in someone’s life…
     They make out life worthwhile..
they make our life happening, they do
    help us to understand love….

Today, I proudly admit that apart from
   my parents, this girl in my life, with
whom I rarely spend around 5-6 months
    played a pivotal role in my life..
Yes, she might get scared from snake,
    she might find lizards to be creepy
she might get scared when suddenly a
     big dog enters the room followed
by another not do big dog… But she has
    the power tho overcome all sorts of
difficult situation, she is strong enough
   to fight back, she always knew how
to fight back and win, she is my love!!
    Love and respect are the two words
I have for her in my heart & I  will carry
        it for the rest of my life until I
             became a part of her soul!!!

Thank you for being there for me!!
With loads of love!!!


12 thoughts on “Being Human!!!”

  1. i admire ur spritual n heart touching feelings about love.i feel too all facts as u.welcome.i thought only i was suffering in emotionly surrounding alone alone…… but today i am so much happy to know that anyone special is present in this i’m not alone,no alone.plz keep writing….u nice beparvah.

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