Missing My Soul!!!

Am sure that if any other world exists..
      I will be there waiting for you
If in this life I fail to become a part of
   your life, next chance will be mine
If this life comes to an abrupt end, I will
         only have one regret that I
failed to convince you my worth in your
     life. However, a life without your
presence is nothing better than death!!
  I would love to die several times for
your one priceless smile, yet it’s difficult
    to live without your presence!!!

Wish I could quantify my love for you,
    It runs into billions n trillions…
My love, I don’t want to regret rest of
   my life saying that I should have
tried until my last breath, because I
   really loved you from the core..

I wrote my name on the walls of your
    heart,  but the wind blew it away..
I wrote your name in the sand but the
      waves washed it away …. So I
decided  to write your name in my
    heart from where it won’t fade

Missing you gets easier every day …
     because even though it’s one
day further from the last time I spoke
    but at the same thing it’s one
day closer the next time when I will
      meet you… & am sure of this..
because I trust my love and also have
       developed faith in her wisdom

At times I think that if am dying to meet
      you and an missing you terribly
Then aren’t an already there around you
    I have started writing only because
of you, I drop a post every day and the
    day you will read it, I will stop
missing you….I feel that darkness is not
  the absence of light but the absence
of you in my life, it kills me from inside

Please remember that someone will
   always be there who will dream
of your smile and finds in your being
  around that makes life worthwhile,
Someone somewhere will always think
                       of you!!!

To think of you is like tho cut a water..
    I can cut it for a second but it
keeps on coming one after the other.. Missing you is a continuous process
    I really can’t get through the day
               when I miss you!!

You are the arms of someone else..
    Someone’s hope , someone’s love
My heart still remains with you….
   our lives became complicated so
we got hurt and confused and finally
We decided to go on our separate
ways!! You thought it was for the best
    So I followed what you asked me

But I guess you were not correct.. I
  failed to forget the past memories
that we have. All the laughter & tears
   I never learned how tho move on
Still feel the pain of being away from
    you.. Your warm embrace !!
My love won’t fade away.. I believe
some day in another lifetime we
                will be together !!

Thank you
Lots of love &  success !!


4 thoughts on “Missing My Soul!!!”

  1. true love is that way where two both can never meet but your love is forever alive in her/his heart n whole human’s hearts even then i heartly wish that ur beloved will read these lines ,meet u not one but many times.god bless u.amen.

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